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Bradford Kickstart is a programme run by Bradford Council, and supported by organisations and service providers from across the Bradford District, that aims to help local people enter self employment and start small businesses – encouraging growth, prosperity and employment in Bradford District.

Support from Bradford Kickstart is available to all residents living in Bradford District and to those businesses trading, or planning to trade in the District.

Enterprise Coaching

Our team of enterprise coaches are able to work with you on a one to one basis,  to help and encourage you to develop your business idea to reach the goals that you set for yourself and your business.  Our coaches are not office bound.  Many of their meetings with new entrepreneurs take place in community centres, cafes and enterprise centres, especially in the early days when many of our clients find it easier to talk , away from formal business premises.

First Steps

The same approach is taken in encouarging that first step into business trading.  Our local enterprise centres are designed to allow new entrepreneurs to access workspace as and when they need it.  This is not only cost effective but gives you the opportunity to bounce ideas off of other new businesses located within the same centre.

Problem Solving

Our approach to problem solving is novel.  On a regular basis, your enterprise coach is able to take issues which you need support with to a local panel of business owners, accountants and bankers, who will brainstorm solutions to your issues, without cost to you.  This is a very effective way of supporting your needs.

Local Support Network

Our enterprise coaches are also supported by a Local Management Group who are drawn from your local community and help to ensure that the services provided by Kickstart meet your local community’s needs.