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DJ Wil Oddsox


Will Lilburn Quick was made redundant in 2011, his decision to accept this was a result of time analysing and exploring what he really wanted to do with his life at this stage. As he had an enthusiasm and 25 years experience in the DJ industry, Wil decided to take a leap of faith and decided to set up as a DJ on a self-employed basis. Wil has a passion for music, and has a wide collection of equipment and music, which he has collated over the years.  Wil’s business currently allows him to work as a DJ, offering his services to weddings and parties. Wil also can be seen DJing at social events on a Saturday night at the highly popular ‘Front Room Disco’ and offers a unique vintage horn gramophone for hire, which is ideal for weddings. This business launched in October 2013 and received help through New Enterprise Allowance.


With Zahra’s help, Wil was able to write a robust business plan and a cash flow representing his first two years of trading, which was submitted to the New Enterprise Allowance.  Wil was successful in acquiring this and a small loan which he invested into two gramophones. Support from Zahra included goal setting, constructive action planning and contacts to get him started.  Through Bradford Kickstart Wil was also able to gain support on Social Media and managing his finances.

Will’s main challenge was competing with other more established DJ’s and getting his product and services known.  Whilst this was happening, the lack of financial income in the first months of trading impacted on his personal life negatively as he didn’t have the financial income to support his family. Now Wil has been part of exciting and interesting opportunities, such as being able to play at a festival in Saltaire. Will acknowledges that as a self employed businessman he has many benefits such as spending more time with his family and being the sole owner. This has also given the opportunity to be flexible with his time.

Future Plans

Will continues to look for more work and grow his reputation as a reliable DJ and Gramophone business.  His main aim at the moment is to gain independence and support his family.

DJ Wil Oddsox
Will Lilburn Quick

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