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Ramen Haire – Core Accountants

Ramen is a qualified Chartered Accountant with years of experience in dealing with Tax and Accounting matters. Having trained and worked with a number of the larger practices in the area, suddenly and unexpectedly she found herself being made redundant. As with many people, this proved to be a shock and prompted her to reconsider her working life. Combined with the arrival of her first daughter, this led her to decide she needed a more flexible approach to work and becoming self-employed was the way forward.


Having made the decision, Ramen was then faced with 2 major interconnected issues – her self-esteem had suffered following her redundancy and so her confidence was low and secondly, how and where she would find customers.  Ramen lives in the Windhill area and so she got in touch with the local Enterprise Coach for Shipley – David Humphreys. This introduction turned into a long term relationship and over a 3 year period with David’s support Ramen has moved from being uncertain and hesitant into a self-assured business woman. Now as well as working with clients on an individual basis she is also very comfortable facilitating workshops on finance across the District. Ramen said “When I first met David, I would never have considered myself as a sales person, however, with David’s gentle nurturing, this side of my character has blossomed. I have been able to become an active networker and secure new customers in a way that I would never have dreamt possible a few years ago.” In addition, Ramen found the Kickstart assistance in clarifying her market, what promotional tools to use to reach her market and the introductions to other organisations including Shipley College and Trident of great value.

Future Plans

Initially, Ramen found gaining customers to be a very slow, demanding and sometimes dispiriting process, however, she determinedly stuck at the task. All the hours of meeting prospective customers and providing an introductory no cost consultation have eventually begun to pay dividends. Steadily enquiries have become paying customers and they have recommended their friends and contacts. Throughout she has maintained her philosophy “We don’t prioritise our clients, all our clients are our priority” and the result is that Ramen now has 30 clients. In addition, she has found the time to run evening classes on bookkeeping at Shipley College and have a second daughter, all of which means the last few years have been a very busy and successful period for Ramen!

Core Accountants
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