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Zubair Hussain – Berries Bagels & Shakes

Berries Bagels and Shakes is the brainchild of Mr Zubair Hussain, an already successful entrepreneur with his estate management business called Conceige. Zubair was initially looking to offer a unique food and drink concept including a variety of milkshakes and exclusive Bagels that were not previously served at any Bradford food outlet. Not only this, Berries Bagels n Shakes were looking to attract health conscious customers by providing a menu full of fresh fruits and natural ingredients.

It was envisaged that the location being one of the main gateway areas with links to Leeds and the Motorway would provide many passing commuting custom.


Zubair contacted Wajid Hussain, Enterprise Coach for Bradford East and the initial conversation and support needs were based around business operations, staffing and shop layout design. Zubair was an extremely well connected entrepreneur and used the knowledge/expertise gained from his existing business venture to develop this new enterprise.

The Enterprise coaching support mainly came through assisting in the development of appropriate marketing opportunities for the business to ensure maximum exposure of this great new concept.

The Berries Bagels and Shakes marketing campaign was created by Zubair and his graphic media team and Bradford Kickstart’s intervention was based on the entrepreneurs need to develop a clear and consistent promotional activity using a variety of communication tools such as social media, magazine adverts, window retail presentation and selected door to door literature drops. Zubair stated “it was extremely useful to have a different perspective on my marketing ideas and how best to execute them”.

Future Plans

After the official opening, Berries Bagels and Shakes has gone from strength to strength and this is despite 3 other similar businesses opening in the same area.  Zubair has managed to develop a number of loyal customer groups and is now engaging with larger businesses to offer a delivery service. With the latter, Berries now offer a free home delivery service for the local area and have 2 vehicles. There is also talk of another Berries Bagels and Shakes opening in another area of Bradford, so watch this space…

Berries Bagels and Shakes
Zubair Hussain  W   T  01274 662123

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