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Mohammed Atique – Our Light Bulb

When Mohammed Atique completed his degree in Fashion Design at Huddersfield University in 2011, he immediately set about trying to hone his skills at home. He soon realised that home could not provide the much needed space for an aspiring fashion designer to get creative and spark original ideas.

Atique searched around Bradford looking for work space, and when a large unit became available in the City Centre, he knew it was an opportunity not to be missed. The floor area itself far exceeded Atique’s requirements, and so through his extensive work with charities, volunteering and full time work, he came to the realisation that there were many young people in a similar situation to himself, looking for an outlet for their creative energy but lacking the necessary space to make it happen – and so Our Light Bulb CIC Ltd was constituted in April 2013.


Over a period of several months, and with the help of friends and colleagues, the unit was renovated and transformed from a derelict space into a creative hub full of energy, innovative ideas, and positive action.

“The space has become a multi-purpose facility in which numerous activities have already taken place for the benefit of those less fortunate,” says Atique.  “For example, the Cakes 4 Syria campaign which Islamic Relief ran across the UK during the month of Ramadhan 2013, was coordinated and managed entirely from this space. In all we raised over £300,000 for the people of Syria, and supplied over 20,000 cakes to all parts of the country,” he adds proudly.

Atique has a strong background in humanitarian relief and charity aid work, but lacked the business nous to work out how best to generate income from the building and at the same time further its social and charitable objectives. He turned to Bradford Kickstart and quickly formed a relationship with Rizwan Seedat, Enterprise Coach for the City Centre and Great Horton.

“It has been very useful to have Rizwan on board with our project. I had very limited knowledge of running a business, and so to have someone there to guide us, and bounce ideas off, has been extremely helpful. Rizwan has helped with company formation issues  and general business advice on operational matters. We continue to work together on various grant applications, and value his experience and input. ”

Future Plans

Our Light Bulb Ltd operates out of a large first floor office in the heart of Bradford City Centre. The floor space has been carved out into a number of sections, each section corresponding to a specific use. The company hopes to attract budding artists who will pay to become members, thus enabling them to book space and access various classes in sewing, fashion design, calligraphy, art and photography. There is also a photography studio, café area, conferencing/training space and a resource library all for shared use by the organisation’s members and bookable in advance.

Our Light Bulb CIC Ltd

Mohammed Atique

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