Have I Got New For You – Anjela Pianforini



Anjela & Team

Anjela Pianforini has a passion for clothes; she spent a lot of time working in beautiful boutiques selling high end and designer clothes and accessories, so it is fair to say that she knows her Prada from her Primark! Naturally, she wanted to be able to update her wardrobe each season, so she started to sell her pre-loved items on-line, so that the coffers were refilled and so was the shoe closet! Then a friend asked her to sell some things for her too, and then another, and another. Before she knew it, Anjela had a unique business as an online dress agency and an E-bay shop called Have I got New for You.


Anjela initially met her Kickstart Enterprise Coach, Candy Squire-Watt, after enquiring about business support from Bradford Council. She wanted to add a website to her growing business, but didn’t know where to start. They discussed the situation, and Candy did some research around University internships, which helped Anjela focus on what she wanted and how to achieve it. As the business was expanding Anjela took on more staff and found the support from Kickstart really useful, ‘It has been great to have someone outside the business to act as a sounding board’ she said, ‘Candy gives me a fresh pair of eyes, and helps me to see different options to go forward’.

Future Plans

Anjela’s website has just been launched, and is attracting attention from fashion bloggers and celebrities alike (Sienna Millers’ scarf anyone?). She now has 3 staff, an exclusive list of clients she sells for, and is trading online 7 days a week. They have between 400 and 500 pieces for sale at any time, and ship to 5 continents! But Anjela is certainly not resting on her laurels, with more expansion plans it is fair to say that this business could well be Ilkley’s most exciting new business. The website is fun, quirky and indulgent (a bit like Anjela herself!) Ladies, put your feet up and have a browse!

Have I Got New For You
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