Harmonize Holistic and Beauty Salon


Harmonize Holistic and Beauty Salon

Harmonize Holistic and Beauty Salon

Nargus went along to a reflexology course because she thought it sounded interesting. She found she really enjoyed the course and a passion for reflexology was ignited. She began working at the local gym as a reflexologist. She really enjoyed this however wanted to branch out on her own. Nargus said she had always wanted her own space and to have a team working for her.  She saw it as an exciting opportunity to set herself up. After going along for a few years she finally decided it was time.


Having already acquired a property for her business, Nargus was eager to get started so she contacted Zahra Niazi the enterprise coach for the Manningham, Toller and Heaton area. Zahra supported her with business name registry, looking through legal contracts, understanding VAT and other legal matters. Nargus said that, “Zahra had a lot of input and has provided ongoing support; she was available whenever I needed to speak with her”. Nargus has been really busy and found it a both thrilling and exhilarating experience shopping for her new business and decorating it in a Zen theme. She explained that the support provided by Zahra was very beneficial and that it was good to have someone to bounce ideas off and know that there is someone there to give their opinion.

Future Plans

From the onset Nargus had an opening date in mind and wanted to ensure that everything was perfect. She managed to attain her goal and opened up on time, just before the Muslim celebration of Eid.  Nargus had a fantastic first day of business and customers were really pleased with the look of the shop and the excellent customer service. Nargus has many plans for the future of her business, she said ‘it’s the way we want it to be, it’s an achievement’. She is currently in the process of looking for a qualified nail artist, a beautician and hairdresser, which she hopes to have in post soon so that she can offer a wider variety of services.

Harmonize Holistic and Beauty Salon
A  955 Thornton Road, Bradford, BD9 0JD
T  07898 945816


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