Phil Martin : AirCargo Training


Phil Martin : AirCargo Training

Phil Martin : AirCargo Training

Phil Martin describes himself as having spent 25 years on PAYE before taking the jump into self-employment. With a life-long career in Aviation security, he has skills which are extremely specialised so he was able to find freelance work as an independent security verifier, and had also been delivering training in this area. However, legislation changes had meant that there was less verifying work available, and Phil also realised that training was what he really enjoyed, and wanted to do more of.

Support Journey

Following a chance meeting with local Enterprise Coach Candy Squire-Watt, Phil decided that a series of coaching sessions might be the key to helping him to develop his business.  Candy helped Phil plan how he wanted his business to progress, and they started to look at specific areas to work on. Starting with collating his database, Phil was able to discover a valuable business tool. ‘I knew it was something I needed to do, but until talking to Candy I hadn’t realised how useful it would be’ he said.

Next they looked at time management, an area many business owners struggle with, and Phil was no exception! He is now making better use of his time, and finding the time to work on developing new business as well as delivering the job in hand.

Where They Are Now

Phil is continuing to meet with Candy, and has started to develop his own training materials; something he did not feel was possible when they first met. This will help him to meet his goal of ‘making the training room a happy place’, as well as improving his bottom line!  Phil says; ‘I am now winning new work which I can directly attribute to the coaching I have had. I feel more motivated than I have for years, and can really see my business growing along with my confidence.’

AirCargo Training
Phil Martin
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