Rafi Raja Usmaan : Yrulan Yrizz Productions


Rafi Raja Usmaan : Yrulan Yrizz Productions

Rafi Raja Usmaan : Yrulan Yrizz Productions

Rafi has always dreamt about owning his own film production company.  Before Bradford Kickstart, Rafi feels all this was just a dream.  As a child Rafi was passionate and obsessed with films, watching sometime up to 5 films a day.  Not bring particularly academically inclined he would spend the majority of his time taking part in music, acting and dance sessions, determined that one day he would be able to make films that would capture the hearts and mins of the world.

Before coming to Bradford Kickstart, Rafi had a full-time job, which was helping him to build his experience, knowledge and skills in the field.  Having never written a script or produced or directed anything, using this time to gain industry knowledge was imperative.  A couple of years later Rafi had accomplished writing his first script, but had no way of moving forward with it.  Rafi’s major challenge and obstacle was and still is finding sufficient capital to fund his film.  He recognised that in order to get ahead he needed to become more business minded about the whole operation.  Having no previous skills in business especially coming from such a creative background, Rafi needed some help to point him in the right direction.

Rafi heard about Bradford Kickstart from his mother who was a regular visitor to the Carlisle Business Centre and mentioned how Bradford Kickstart could help people get their businesses started.  So Rafi was very excited to meet his local Enterprise Coach, Zahra Niazi.  Rafi explains his coaching experience as ‘a start for a better future’.

A couple of months later, Rafi was in a position to air his first small 20 minute film ‘Love…It’s never easy’ at the National Media Museum as Yrulan Yrizz Productions Limited.  Rafi believes this is the first step into making his feature film possible.  Rafi says “My local Enterprise Coach kick started my company and because of that I now have so many good things to look forward to”.  Rafi’s next steps are to continue improving the film and make contact with reputable people and organisations within the industry who will help make his goal of a feature film a reality.

Yrulan Yrizz Productions
Rafi Raja Usmaan
T  07542 161326


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