Neelam Saddique : Cherry Tree Playhouse


Neelam Saddique : Cherry Tree Playhouse

Neelam Saddique : Cherry Tree Playhouse

Neelam Saddique completed her Childcare education at Bradford College where she completed her qualifications and training.  Having the knowledge and experience in working with children she undertook a variety of work experience placements in a range of different primary schools. Her passion and love for children didn’t diminish and only sparked a real desire to make a real difference, not in her own life but in others also.  Neelam didn’t want to become ‘just another statistic’, unemployed and looking for work.  As a feisty young woman she wanted to take on the challenge of achieving something for herself and to prove to the world that she could do it.  She realised that she was capable of doing so much more and able to contribute and make a difference to the economy during these difficult and challenging times.

Support Journey

Neelam’s ambition was to set up a thriving and successful Day Care Nursery for children aged between 2-5 years with working parents.  Neelam received help and support from organisations such as Princes Trust and Bradford Kickstart.  The Princes Trust offered to help Neelam with the funding for her business idea as well as offering her business training on their enterprise programme.  After successfully completing her business plan she approached Kickstart, who assigned Neelam to her local Enterprise Coach, Zahra Niazi.  Zahra was able to understand Neelam’s concerns i.e. finding suitable premises, raising capital, marketing for clients and recruiting staff. Zahra also enabled Neelam to look differently at finance and explore ways in which she could set up with very little borrowing.  In a short space of time Neelam was able to secure her first premises for her nursery at Manningham Mills Sports and Community Association. Cherry Tree Play House has been approved by Ofsted.

Where They Are Now

The official launch of her nursery ‘Cherry Tree Play House’ was on 5th November 2012. The inauguration ceremony took place on 3rd November by the Lord Mayor.  This event was filmed by students from the University of Bradford and will be presented in Centenary Square next month.  The open day was a successful event followed by an inspirational speech by the Lord Mayor himself.  Neelam says ‘My local Enterprise Coach was always there when I needed someone to speak to. Zahra’s support was very practical and complimented the support I received through Princes Trust.  Through Zahra’s help I was able to locate premises, market my business and recruit employees.’

Cherry Tree Playhouse
Neelam Saddique
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