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Ladies Only Auto Care

Ladies Only Auto Care

Jeanette Romani has operated the highly successful ‘Ladies Only Travel’ business for 6 years.  Running 4 minibuses which travel all over the north of England most weekdays and every weekend meant that she had high maintenance and repair bills.  Finding premises where she could store the buses securely was proving to be hard until she saw 139 St Helena’s Road in Wibsey. The site has comfortable office space, a large garage with clean and warm waiting area and a large fully secure yard.  Jeanette realised she could reduce her repair bills and start a new and exciting business – ‘Ladies Only Auto Care’.  Jeanette’s friend Zoe came to help run the enterprise and after lots of painting cleaning and sprucing up with large pink and black banners the site looks great.  The garage space needed some major investment in lifting equipment and a new pit.  Janette and Zoe were convinced that their record in business would stand them in good stead with the banks and approached them for a loan to purchase the equipment and make the structural changes necessary.

Support Journey

The banks decided not to support Ladies Only Auto Care which came as a shock to both Zoe and Jeanette.  Convinced that they would have to sell a minibus to fund their new venture they contacted Enterprise Coach Celia Hickson.  Within a week of meeting up with Celia they had submitted an application to the Business Enterprise Fund and 2 weeks later after much nail biting they found out that they had been successful.  Jeanette said, “The support that Celia provided in preparing our business case for the BEF application was vital in securing the investment we so badly needed. Thanks to Celia and BEF we can now get on with developing Ladies Only Auto Care and getting lady drivers in Bradford, and beyond, the honest and reliable repair services they need.’”

Where They Are Now

Jeanette and Zoe had a very clear vision for ‘Ladies Only Auto Care’ and were very shocked when the banks would not support their new business ideas.  They were trying to find a way to get the business to work without the investment, but were struggling. Finding Celia at the right time meant that there was only a short delay in getting the funding their business so desperately needed. As a result they now have appointed their garage manager, Andy, and are trying to find an apprentice, who they would love to be female!

Ladies Only Auto Care
Jeannette Romani & Zoe Nichols
T  01274 691078 / 07760 776898


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