Enthuse partners offer one-stop shop to schools!

Naveed Mushtaque and Richard Harrison

Born and bred in Bradford, Naveed with his business partner Richard want to make their mark on children and families in cities like ours.

Toller-based Naveed Mushtaque was recently made redundant, having served in Bradford Council as an Extended Services Co-ordinator for 4 years. Naveed’s decision to undertake a bold and brave move into self-employment was mainly derived from his passion and belief in the outcomes he was already delivering to schools and children based within the BD5 area.

Naveed’s business partner Richard comes from a similar background having delivered the On Track project for Bradford Council as well as working with schools on funding and sports development.

Naveed and Richard both believe that there is social and moral obligation for schools, to provide children and their families with positive life experiences. Combining their experiences and skills together, they believe that they are a unique and powerful duo offering a holistic approach to making innovative things happen. Building on strong relationships with school head teachers, Naveed and Richard have expertise around accessing funding, providing staff to deliver activities, managing, creating and developing projects or supporting pathways for students. Head teachers such as Mike Latham from Newby Primary, who have already accessed their services, are completely delighted with the impact their involvement has made on their school’s achievement. With so many changes in the educational sector, it was challenging to get schools to recognise the value and moral aspect of what the business offers and willingly pay for services which have been traditionally offered for without cost to the schools.

Naveed says; “It was extremely challenging to try and change the way I thought about my services in terms of monetary value. The whole paradigm shift was difficult to get to grips with. I wasn’t sure how to develop the business from the initial idea, or what type of structure we should go for or how to market the business to schools as a business, which is why I approached Bradford Kickstart for help.”

Since contacting Bradford Kickstart’s coach Zahra Niazi, Naveed’s confidence has significantly grown. Naveed says, “Talking through the business plan, marketing strategy and just having someone to coach me through the process has made me less fearful of things that might go wrong. It’s just been really useful to be able refer to Zahra and have the confidence that there is expertise and reassurance. Someone you can trust every step of the way, that was really important to me.”

Through the support of Bradford Kickstart, Naveed and Richard officially launched their business ‘Enthuse’ in April 2012 operating from the Park Lane business centre.

E-mail: Naveed.enthuse@gmail.com


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