GroupedIn is into Social Media

Afzal Mohammed

GroupedIn is a Social Media concept that was founded by Afzal Mohammed in late 2011.  Afzal is driven by empowering and developing young people and this was the fundamental reason for producing the GroupedIn media platform.

His idea of creating GroupedIn was born from his experiences of using other business social media sites.  He felt that although existing social media had made extensive strides in creating communication platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, he felt that there was a gap that needed to be addressed to better serve young people with business ambitions.

GroupedIn aims to connect young people, from all walks of life, with businesses, employers and entrepreneurs via an online social media service that is engaging, accessible and focused on meeting the needs of both the young people and the corporate world.

Afzal’s vision for GroupedIn is that it intends to connect young people with their futures and help them realise their ambitions by networking online and building professional relationships.

Having established a number of business ventures in the past, Afzal understands the challenges faced by young people aiming to build alliances with business and employers.  With GroupedIn, young people can find prospective employers, and businesses can expect to find a platform to trade easily with other businesses whilst enhancing their brand identity.

Afzal said: “social media shifts the goal from ‘Brand Identity to Brand Personality’.  We no longer think of ‘Consumers’ but now as ‘People’.”

Afzal came across Wajid Hussain– Enterprise Coach a year ago during a visit to the University of Bradford.  Over the year, Afzal through the support of his Coach developed an understanding about the challenges he had to encounter and enhanced his networking opportunities.  Afzal also gained an insight into key marketing techniques required to promote online services.  Wajid’s support also included assistance with logistics and project management.

Zahra – Enterprise Coach based at the GRID (Manningham) further assisted Afzal with networking/marketing opportunities.

Afzal launched the site to businesses over 12 weeks ago welcoming users to trial GroupedIn, in its basic concept and various tools are being developed to enhance the experience of site and the potential of what it can do.  Further marketing strategies are being developed especially to engage young people.  Afzal said, “I am extremely grateful to the Kickstart Enterprise Coaches for their support and helping me in promoting GroupedIn to a much wider audience.”


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