New health and safety firm puts small businesses first

Bingley-based David Bennion, owner of DGB Health & Safety Solutions is on a mission to help frustrated local businesses overcome obstacles faced by red tape.  He is finding that small businesses are becoming tied up in knots by red tape, which in turn prevents them from expanding and taking on new opportunities. ‘I want to help businesses recruit, grow and thrive, without them worrying about the red tape of health and safety.  People come to me because they are worried, scared and been told myths about what they should be doing. Well, I want to try and put an end to that’.

DGB Health & Safety Solutions, trading just over nine months has generated a lot of interest from local businesses and housing associations that need help, ‘Since I started the business, I have been very busy educating people on what they need to do in order to comply with legislation.  Sometimes, all they need is a bit of reassurance that what they are doing is correct’ said David. ‘I am astounded at what I read in the papers, which is why I’m here to help get businesses moving’

Supported by Bradford Kickstart Enterprise Coach Rav Panesar, David has attended various events and has spent time building up his profile, ‘Rav has opened doors that I didn’t even know existed. Through his support I have attended various events, which have been very useful in helping me to spread the word and get people interested in what I do’

‘I am now working with Rav on putting together a plan for the future. I want to help more small businesses, letting them know I’m here for them when they need me’ said David. ‘I have plenty of ideas; I just needed to talk to someone to help develop them. That’s where Rav has been magnificent’.

DGB Health & Safety Solutions has already benefited from the support through new contacts and having a clear focus on opportunities, ‘As a new business, it’s very easy to get pulled in different directions. Through this support, I have managed to stay focused on my strategy, and this has helped to get me there’.

DGB Health & Safety Solutions offers services to local businesses, including risk assessments, toolbox talks through to detailed audits.  ‘I’m here to unpick the health and safety minefield, that will improve a businesses reputation, drive down insurance costs and improve efficiency in the workplace’, concludes David.

DGB Health & Safety Solutions
web:, 07900 431649
Kickstart Information Line – 0800 953 9503
Airedale Enterprise Services, Keighley – 01535 607775

DGB Health & Safety Solutions Owner David Bennion



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